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From: June Davidson
RE: 7 Mistakes Professional Coaches make writing and marketing eBooks.

Not using an editor

Not targeting a niche

Not being Specific

Not getting the flow pattern

Not being Timely

Not solving a Problem

Formatted wrong for digital

With the use of traditional books on the decline and the sales of digital content skyrocketing more and more each year, it is quite apparent that eBooks are the way of the future.  Annual sales across the eBook marketplace have now reached over $3 billion. *)  Now is the time to jump into the action and begin reaping the benefits of doing so.  eBook production and sales is a great choice for a career, or even as a side hobby to make some extra cash.  If it is done correctly, the opportunity for success is better than most other options out there today, and the rewards are plentiful for those who seize the day.

I can tell you personally from my own hands-on experience of many years that this is the business that can literally turn your life into a overnight success story.  Take it from a pro, there is money to be made by those who know the ropes.  And what is really comforting is that once you write your eBook, it will continue as a perpetual source of income while you continue to author more eBooks.  It just doesn't get any better than this! 

With Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era, We Want to Teach You How to Successfully Get Your Share of the eBook Marketplace

We want to give you insight into the basic knowledge and effective strategies for building your own eBook empire with our whitepaper.  It will explain what you need to know, including startup methodology, production and design tips, topic selection, publishing, and marketing techniques.  This whitepaper is packed full of all the crucial data to guide you along the way as you venture down the part of leveraging your eBooks for success in the digital marketplace.  We will show you exactly what you need to do.

The whitepaper covers much of what I have found to be true in my own eBook empire, much of the same knowledge that enabled me to reap my fortune.  Trust me, there is more than enough money to go around and plenty of eBook readers that want to read your eBooks.  Let me show you how to follow in my footsteps with this insightful guide!

Selling eBooks in the Digital Era includes the following valuable information:

The basics and fundamentals of eBook production

Deciding how your eBook will be used

Selecting the best format for your objective

Picking a relevant topic that will generate sales

Compiling your eBook for the marketplace

Incorporating advertising or other promo into your eBook

Adding other extras in your eBook package

Effectively launching your eBook through the proper channels

Insight on eBook marketing and promo

And much, much more

Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era Will Tell You How You Can Leverage Your eBooks in Order to Maximize Your Revenue!

Money! The need of every business regardless of its goals or ideals.  Without profit or an unlimited resource of reckless spending, every organization will fail without generating a profit.  And in this book, we stress how you can increase your profitability in an eBook business.

Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era will show you how to leverage your eBooks through design, proper sales channels, and marketing in order to increase your sales and maximize your return for each eBook in your catalog of available eBooks.

Wouldn't you like to kick back and watch your eBook sales start bringing in the cash?  Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era is the best eBook available for doing just that, showing you how you can implement an effective operational methodology that will result in end products out in the marketplace.  And they will pretty much sell themselves once you set the proper activities in motion.  Then you can begin work on another eBook while you perpetually benefit from a growing stream of revenue.

Learn the Proper eBook Methodology and Strategy From the Pros

Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era offers isights into strategies and tactics plus tips based on hands-on expertise in producing and leveraging eBooks for maximum profitability.  You can either learn yourself through trial and error with lost revenue and missed opportunity, or you can bypass all that unnecessary waste of time and money by learning directly from those who have already gone that route.  We know what works best and what does not.  Let us guide you on your way, by sharing our expertise and experience so that you can avoid failure and discover success quickly.

Make the right decision and invest in your future by snatching up a copy of our valuable eBook now, reaping the returns on that small investment many times over with every eBook.  While it has been often said that it takes money to make money, it doesn't always require a lot of money.

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Do you really want success?  Or do you just like to dream and talk about stuff that you're never going to do?  Keep in mind that though it is yesterday that has made you what you are today, it is today that will determine what you become tomorrow.  You have your own destiny in your own hands.  So act now and change yours into success.

To your success as as an author,

June Davidson.

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