The Art of Coaching is that of asking questions

Believe In Greatness

Always Speaking Kindly

Sharing stories and break troughs for the Person Being Coached (PBC) is the epitome of coaching.  Sharing these stories adds insight to the happening.

Coach John works with restaurant "Start Up" Businesses owners. We think all they need to have to be successful  is a great chef, a great location, great location, great good and just "Open the Door" and people will come.

According to Coach John  there is so much more.  He starts with the Business Plan which is extremely important.  There are five steps to the Business Plan and John takes the restaurant owner through all of them listening carefully to their answers.

Number One: The Vision must be seen, heard and felt by the Owner.  Coach John again listens intently asking the right questions to get the PBC to their "Best Solution".

Number two is the Mission Statement.  Coach John listens while the owner crafts it with 8 words or less.  Perhaps digging deeper with questions, are there better words....How do you feel about this?  Can You Sharpen it even more? What is your "Big Why?"   Your objectives for your restaurant.  Can you think a little like Steve Jobs knowing "It will be the BEST!

John coaches the owner on a weekly basis usually 45 minutes.  He has an agreement for one year and the owner finds, Coach John, his silent partner always asking the right questions.....The BIG ASK.  The owner acknowledges that he could not have made it without the support of Coach John querying him in all aspects to becoming successful.

What Makes Coach John so successful is that he has a narrow niche of "Just Restaurant Owners."  Coach John in the past had owned restaurants and also managed several chains.  He knew the questions that should be asked and might be overlooked by a coach who did not understand.  Coach John has a love in his heart for restaurant owners being successful and  he is THE BIG ASK COACH in his narrow niche.