About ASLA

” If you can’t be you, who will you be?”

American Seminar Leaders Association has been training dedicated people to become CSL’s (Certified Seminar Leaders) and CAC’s (Certified ASLA Coaches) for over 25 years.

ASLA brings out the best in you: the vulnerability, the ability to relate to others, the confidence in speaking, and the power of making a difference in other people’s lives. You want to be heard as who you are. The benefit of speaking this way is showcased in your ability to bring your personality and inner charisma shining out to focus on your best abilities.

Working as top trainers and coaches in the corporate world, our CAC’s and CSL’s can be spotted instantly. They are truly professional in even the smallest of details. They train in an accelerated manner leaving their attendees with knowledge they can immediately implement. They place themselves in the position to make positive contributions to the lives of others, our society and the world.

If you are seeking to enter the seminar business, increase your level of professional success, or market your product or services utilizing the seminar format, ASLA is for you. ASLA will provide you with every tool necessary to develop and improve your skills. Our MISSION is: “Training Excellence for Certified Seminar Leaders and Coaches!”
ASLA coaches and CSLs

Please Note:

ALL profit from ASLA coaching, training, services, and products go to the nonprofit:

Women Against Child Trafficking.         

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